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‘The World’s Best News’ is a Danish initiative created by the UN, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ development agency DANIDA, more than 90 Danish aid organisations and more than 90 corporate partners.

The purpose of the initiative is to inform the public that The Millennium Development Goals works: The developing countries are making huge progress – and if we want to, we can grasp the opportunity to end poverty.

The Millennium Development Goals are benchmarks for development in the world. Each day brings new challenges, but also important progresses. In 2000, world leaders decided that by 2015, fewer people should suffer from poverty and hunger, all boys and girls should be enrolled in school and have the same rights, and more children and mothers would survive childbirth. Diseases such as malaria, hiv/aids and tuberculosis would be reduced, and more environmentally friendly and sustainable global partnerships for development should be established.


Extensive polling has shown that people in general do not believe in the possibility of eradicating global poverty. The Millennium Development Goals were considered ‘unrealistic’. People generally had a very pessimistic view of the situation in the developing countries and there was poor knowledge on the matters of the developing countries.

To address the problem, World’s Best News was established in 2010 with the purpose of informing the Danes about the global progress in the developing countries. The message was clear: To bring all the good news forward that tend to get drowned in the flow — and to tell the Danes about all the successes instead of only disasters.

The World’s Best News’ morning event

Again this year, we will be carrying on with the agenda: to inform people about the positive progress in the developing countries. Early in the morning 12 September 2014, hundreds of volunteers will be found at train stations, work places, and educational institutions all over Denmark to surprise people with good news about the goals. Read more about the morning event


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