Blue Town

BLUETOWN is a global Internet and digital content service provider with a vision of making modern connectivity solutions accessible and affordable for everyone. To do so, we develop solutions that are designed for rural and remote areas and create new business models through innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships with governments, NGOs and other private companies. Our solutions have already connected people in Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania and across 4 Indian states – many for the very first time.

In today’s world, internet access is as fundamental to development as electricity and roads in rural areas of the world. With internet access, school pupils can access state-of-the-art learning materials online, health-workers can keep themselves up-to-date on health trends, entrepreneurial youngsters can create a local digital economy and remote communities can engage themselves in the national political developments. Our solutions and projects’ connection to local and global development means that we have the Sustainable Development Goals integrated in to everything we do.

We support and applaud World’s Best News’ work to spread the positive stories on global development, which crucially highlights that despite obvious exceptions, the world is at large moving in the right direction.

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