Blue Town

At BlueTown we understand the importance of communicating the progress made in Africa. We understand that it is worth doing something, and that Danish companies are making a difference in poverty reduction. Therefore, we support “World's Best News”.

Brian Bisgaard, CEO BlueTown

BlueTown  have developed an end-to-end communication solution, special designed for the needs and conditions in rural villages of the world. The solution is based on cost efficient standard technology, which is easy and fast to deploy, and includes own power supply based on solar energy and rechargeable batteries providing 24/7 operation.

The solution provides access to internet, via a low-cost mobile telephone, or any other standard device based on WiFi access.

The BlueTown solution runs as a managed service in corporation/partnership with a local micro operator and ISP/Telco.

BlueTown enables the creation of wealth and higher standard of living, and attracting commercial activities to rural areas of the country, by providing. healthcare, education, government services and other services delivered via the internet.

BlueTown’s global headquarter and R&D organization is in Copenhagen, Denmark, and have established East African headquarter in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


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